Celebrate failure? Richard Watson of FastCompany

Richard Watson says we should celebrate failure. I have to say this is one of the more original articles I’ve read lately.  He writes:

So here’s my idea. Rather than putting up statues to people who did something that was successful, let’s build a monument to the people who didn’t. Let’s celebrate the lives of people who invented things that didn’t work or tried to do something that was just plain crazy. A monument to the unknown innovator in pursuit of an impossible dream. The people we watch with perverse envy when we are too scared, too self-conscious, or too constrained to fail ourselves. Because without these wonderful people, there would be no progress or success. 

This is a wonderfully disturbing, bold and mind-bending post. I agree that we need to celebrate failure and embrace the lessons learned from our own failures as well as the failures of others.


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