Productivity enhancers – “Eat That Frog” and “Getting Things Done”

Getting Things Done by David Allen and Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy: two books that have helped me become much more productive. These two go very well together with basically no overlap. I highly recommend them to everyone.Getting Things Done, in short, got me in the habit of writing things down — all my commitments, important knowledge, appointments, thoughts, insights, and products of analysis all get written down now. I’ve found that by writing or typing things out, it frees my mind from the burden of having to carry those things around and then remind myself of them when needed. Free of this burden, my mind is more focused in the present moment and more able to formulate new ideas or novel approaches to problems.Eat That Frog distills Brian Tracy’s advice on productivity into 128 well-written pages. It is remarkably thin and easy to read. He points out that we often procrastinate on that one big task that will likely lead to the greatest results for our clients and/or our employer. This is what Tracy calls your “frog.” His advice is to come in to the office each morning and eat that frog first thing. So before you do anything else, you tackle that frog. This is very simple advice but remarkably effective. I highly recommend this book and all other books by Brian Tracy.


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