and the Attractor Factor

Last week I won a prize from the book club. My prize was a business book and I had no idea what it would be. A few days ago, my prize came. It’s a book called The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale. Vitale was one of the authors and speakers featured in the DVD The Secret.

Things I like about Joe Vitale:

  1. Internet marketing wizard. He knows how to sell stuff over the Internet. He quickly figured out the power of the Internet as a tool for selling and building a personal “Me, Inc.” brand identity. 
  2. He writes well, in a lively, upbeat tone.
  3. Positivity! He’s obviously doing what he loves for a living and is doing a decent job of it.

I’ve enjoyed many of the business books featured in the book club. It’s a good way to expose yourself to fresh ideas. EAch week a different book is featured, and you basically read five minutes a day. By the end of the week, you have a good sense for whether to further pursue the author or book. Also, the daily column that goes out each day is great. It’s written by the DearReader founder / owner Suzanne Beecher.

 Anyway that’s my plug for the book club and for this author Joe Vitale.


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