TechForum Indianapolis!

Just got back from TechForum Indianapolis. My colleagues and I agreed on the drive home that it was a very good event. For some reason, we didn’t network as much as in previous events. We’re not sure why! But we all got something out of the conference — even if it just served to reinforce common sense.

There was a great response to my talk on moving into management positions. I covered a lot of ground in my short talk, and it seems that each person took home something different from it.

Some people were psyched up about the Getting Things Done methods and were preparing to go out and buy the book right away. Others asked me about the journal system I use to organize projects and stay on top of everything at work. One guy told me he liked the stuff I covered concerning coaching others at work. My manager liked my talk since he got some much-deserved praise in my presentation for helping make my first 18 months in this new job a very fruitful and rewarding experience.

Many of us are overwhelmed at work with too much to do. That’s the feeling I got from those who contacted me about my use of a professional journal system. What I’m telling people is, journaling is a way to get stuff out of your head so you don’t feel so pressured and overwhelmed. You can go home without carrying the stress of your work home with you. Your priorities are always clear because its easy to move a project from your “hot” list to a “warm” list or “parked” status. Just drag and drop.

For those of you who want to check out the software I’ve used, it is called The Journal — see to find out more or try it out. For the record, I don’t have any business relationship with the DavidRM software company other than being a satisfied customer. Also if you want something for the Mac, try MacJournal at – I use that one for personal journaling, though, rather than professional journaling.

And again, the link to David Allen’s website is Check out his free articles.


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